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Weatherguard Site 110v LED Non Corrosive Fittings - 2ft, 4ft, 5ft - 20w to 50w - NCF - IP65 - CMD Online

Weatherguard Site 110v LED Non Corrosive Fittings - 2ft, 4ft, 5ft - 20w to 50w - NCF - IP65


Weatherguard Site 110v LED Non Corrosive Fitting supersedes Red Arrow's popular Bastion range, offering a highly efficient 100lm/W and stainless steel clips as standard.

The Weatherguard 110v Site LED NCF's are available in three different physical sizes (2ft, WGS220Y, 4ft, WGS420Y, 5ft, WGS525Y and 5ft Twin, WGS550Y) and three wattages (20w, 25 or 50w) as shown in the table below.

These great quality waterproof LED fittings are supported by a 3 year guarantee.

All fittings are available with optional 3hr Emergency Pack.  

Ideal for safe site lighting.

There is normally a 1 to 2 working day lead time on these fittings, but as always, we'll keep you up to date.

Technical Details. Weatherguard 110v NCF's









LxWxD mm

WGS220Y 20w 2000lm 664x103x78
WGS220Y-E 20w 2000lm 200lm 664x103x78
WGS420Y 20w 2000lm 1262x72x78
WGS420Y-E 20w 2000lm 200lm 1262x72x78
WGS525Y 25w 2500lm 1562x72x78
WGS525Y-E 25w 2500lm 225lm 1562x72x78
WGS550Y 50w 5000lm 1562x72x78
WGS550Y-E 50w 5000lm 450lm 1562x72x78

    Key Features.

    • Colour Temp: 4000k
    • 3 Year Guarantee
    • Emergency Version Batteries 1 year.
    • 30,000 Hrs Life Expectancy
    • Working Temperature: -10°C - 40°C / 0°C - 40°C for EM
    • IP65 Rating
    • IK07 Rating
    • Yellow Finish
    • Input Voltage: 110v
    • 20w to 50w
    • Supplied with Stainless Steel Clips.

    Are you looking to replace one of the old Bastion range?

    SNCF220 Superseded by WGS220Y
    SNCF220E Superseded by WGS220Y-E
    SNCF420 Superseded by WGS420Y
    SNCF420E Superseded by WGS420Y-E
    SNCF525 Superseded by WGS525Y
    SNCF525E Superseded by WGS525Y-E
    SNCF550 Superseded by WGS550Y
    SNCF550E Superseded by WGS550Y-E

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