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2.2W B15 LED - Candle Shape Filament Bulb - Small Bayonet - SBC - CMD Online

2.2W B15 LED - Candle Shape Filament Bulb - Small Bayonet - SBC


Vintage design meets modern technology

On the surface, it paints a pretty picture with its exposed filament that’s reminiscent of Edison’s originals from the early 20th century. However, inside it features the latest energy-saving tech that means you get the look for less.

And thanks to its 360° beam angle, you can display it in areas where the bulb and burning filament are fully exposed to create a welcoming vintage effect.

Energy saving

With 220 lumens, it’s a solid replacement for 22W bulbs and will give you the same amount of brightness while using less power.

Over the lifespan of a single bulb, you’ll see savings of approximately £74.

Designed to last over a decade

Unlike halogen that blow after just a few months, if not weeks, this LED will give you up to 15 years of service.

B15 Straight replacement

Replacing an older halogen or incandescent B15? No problem. It has a standard base and size, so swapping over is simple.

What is a B15 bulb

The B15 Bulb or B15 Lamp has a 15mm base with two little pins / lugs, which hold the lamp in place with a quarter turn. The B15 base is also referred to as 'Small Bayonet' and 'SBC'

Technical Data... 2.2w B15 LED Candle Shaped Filament Bulb.

SKU... B15-2W-C37

Lumens - Warm White... 220

Beam Angle... 360

Power Consumption... 2.2 W

Input Power... 200-240V

Size (mm)... 40 x 114

Wattage... 2.2 W

Replacement For... 22 W

Average Life in Hrs... 25000

Dimmable (Option)... No

Kelvin... 2700

Colour... Warm White

Warranty... 2 Years

Certifications... CERoHs

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