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PAR 16 and 38 LED Spot - E14 and E27 Bulb - Supacell - Multipack - CMD Online

PAR 16 and 38 LED Spot - E14 and E27 Bulb - Supacell - Multipack


Huge savings to be made

When you replace your standard light bulbs with our Supacell Range of LED Lamps, you will witness a dramatic reduction in energy-use, without sacrificing brightness or light quality. Perfect for Outdoor Accent Lighting, Domestic Lighting, Restaurants, Hotels and Hospitals.

The PAR16 and PAR38 LED Lamp give an output of 425 and 1250 lumens of light respectively, with a choice of either warm or cool white.

Extra-long lifespan

LEDs last up to 20-times longer than traditional lighting sources, with lifespans that reach up to 30,000 hours, which is 15 years based on average use.

Beam Angle

Providing enhanced lighting coverage, this Supacell PAR Spot Lamp is great for feature lighting with beam angles that go up to 38°

Buy in Bulk

The Supacell range has been made available to us on a bulk buy basis. We've broken this down into packs of 12 for the small PAR16 E14 Bulb, to pass the savings onto you.

You can purchase the PAR38 E27 version as a pack of 2.


Technical Data... 5w E14 PAR16 LED and 15w E27 PAR38 - Supacell Spot Light Lamps.

Lumens: 425 lm and 1250 lm

Beam Angle: 38 deg 

Power Consumption: 5w and 15w

Input Power: 100-250v

Size (mm): The PAR16 is 76 x 50mm, The PAR38 is 129 x 121mm

Wattage: 5w and 15w

Replacement For: 50w and 120w 

Average Life in Hrs: 30000

Dimmable (Option): No

Colour: Warm White (2700k) and Cool White (6500k) 

Warranty: 2 Years

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