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150 Watt LED Transformer / Driver


Product Description

This 150 watt LED Transformer / Driver is used to power low voltage (12v) LED lamps and strip lighting.

LED Lamps require a constant current to work properly. Sometimes a normal 12v transformer will work correctly with LED bulbs, but in some cases the lifespan of the bulb will be reduced

This LED Driver is the perfect product to replace the 12v transformer which is currently powering your existing low voltage bulbs.

This LED driver will power LED bulbs up to 150 watts for example if you buy 37 x 4 watt bulbs then this will power all 37 if you buy 74 bulbs you will need 2 drivers and so on. 

If this product isn't suitable, take a look at our complete LED Transformer range.

Technical Data

SKU... TRAN-150

Power Consumption... 150 W

Input Power... 240V

Size (mm)... 239x67x49mm

Wattage... 150 W

Average Life in Hrs... 40000

Voltage... 12 V

Dimmable (Option)... No

Warranty... 5 Years

Certifications... CERoHs

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