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Ei603CRF Heat Alarm - RadioLINK - 9v Alkaline Battery - CMD Online

Ei603CRF Heat Alarm - RadioLINK - 9v Alkaline Battery


The Ei603CRF Heat Alarm is part of the Aico 600 Series of Battery Only Alarms, with RadioLINK technology built in.

  • Powered by a 9v Alkaline battery.
  • RadioLINK technology provides wireless connection to other alarms within the building.
  • Connects wirelessly with all other Aico wireless interconnection products.
  • Heat sensor triggers at 58°C.
  • Heat Alarms are most responsive to heat build up from large flaming fires.
  • BS 5446-2:2003
  • Suitable for Kitchens and Garages *

These Alarms are widely accepted as an alternative to hard wired mains powered alarms in existing dwellings, where the fire risk is regarded as low.

*Consult BS5839 Part 6 - 2013 for Installation Recommendations.

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