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Lamp versus Bulb.

It’s one of life’s great debates “Is it a lamp or light bulb?”

Ok, so I guess it doesn’t keep you awake at night, but it’s a subject that’s been bugging me for some time.

Last year I structured my website build around the word lamp, it seemed the right thing to do, a lamp is a lamp, right?  A bulb is something you plant in the soil to grow pretty flowers.

Lamp versus Bulb

I can still see the rage in my old college lecturer’s face when someone called a lamp a bulb.

I’ve noticed from my website analytics that nobody is searching for lamps. That’s right, the popular searches show ‘LED Bulb’, ‘GU10 Bulb’, ‘60w Bulb replacement’...

So is it time to educate, or just listen to my audience?

My gut feeling is to listen to my audience or at the very least, mix it up a bit.

If you read the history books regarding Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison’s early developments of an electric light source, referrals to both lamp and bulb are frequent. So who am I to force the lamp reference?

The old Incandescent Light Bulbs are slowly but surely disappearing off the shelves, being replaced with more energy efficient and cost effective LED replacements.

Yet some people are sceptical...

  • LED’s are too expensive!

  • The light from the LED is too blue!

  • I can’t find the right LED to fit my light fitting!

  • My new LED lamp flickers

I hear all of the above on a regular basis, but each of these points can be rectified.

In summary, a lamp and a bulb are essentially the same things. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, I’m here to help.

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