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Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems

Ensure Prompt Fire Detection: Protect Your Property with Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Solutions.

Our fire detection and fire alarm systems provide essential safety measures to prevent fire-related disasters.

We work closely with the UK's leading manufacturers in the Fire Alarm industry to help supply only the best quality equipment for your projects.

Control and Indicating Equipment:

  • Advanced MxPro 4 and MxPro 5
  • CTEC's ZFP, XFP, CFP and Alarmsense range. 

Detection and Ancillaries:

  • Apollo Fire Detectors XP95, Discovery, Series 65
  • CTEC's Activ, Alarmsense
  • Cranford Audio and Visual (Sounders and Beacons)

Equipped with advanced technology, these systems detect smoke, heat, or flames in their early stages, ensuring swift response and minimizing damage.

With customizable configurations and reliable performance, our fire detection and alarm systems are tailored to your specific needs.

Compliant with relevant safety regulations, these systems offer peace of mind and protection for commercial businesses and public spaces.

Invest in our reliable fire detection and fire alarm solutions to safeguard your property and prioritize the safety of occupants.