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What is the Best LED Emergency Exit Sign?

Craig Dolier



The market is flooded with LED Emergency Fittings, so how do you know which is best for you?

Maybe you look for a ‘trusted’ brand name, read online reviews or take advice from your local wholesaler or distributor.

How does the price affect your buying decision? Would you dismiss a brand name you are not familiar with if the price seemed too cheap, or in fact too expensive?


Which LED Emergency Exit Sign? ...Time to Compare.

I have dug a little bit deeper to compare five LED Exit Signs.

In no particular order I reviewed:

  1. THORN Voyager Blade Exit Sign
  2. RED ARROW 5 in 1 Exit Sign
  3. NVC Lexington Exit Box
  4. ANSELL Eagle 3 in 1 Exit Sign
  5. CHANNEL Alpine Exit Sign

In these reviews, I look at manufacturing materials, installation choices, energy consumption, viewing distance, life expectancy and lumen output.


1. THORN Voyager Blade LED Emergency Exit Sign

Voyager Blade LED Exit Sign

The THORN Voyager is a blade style fitting, it has a classy slim Aluminium body and Perspex blade.

There are 3 different versions of the fitting, Surface Mounted, Suspended and Recessed, though unlike the Ansel 3 in 1 and the Red Arrow 5 in 1, you must choose the correct fitting at order stage.

The Surface model comes with an angled bracket to allow for wall or ceiling mount while the Suspended model is supplied with a ceiling plate and a pair of 1m chains.

Both the Maintained and Non Maintained versions are rated at 5w, with a 60 lumen output. The rated life is noted at an impressive 50,000 hrs.

The Voyager Blade is better suited to smaller areas with viewing distances up to 23m.

Price wise, you should expect to pay between £50 and £80 +VAT for the Voyager Blade fitting.


2. RED ARROW 5 in 1 LED Emergency Exit Sign

Red Arrow 5 in 1 - MPESPW

The RED ARROW 5 in 1 fitting is incredibly versatile. As the model name suggests you have 5 mounting options from the one fitting, right out of the box. It has a robust Polycarbonate body and Acrylic Legend.

The 5 in 1 mounting options include surface, recessed, wall, ceiling suspended and 90deg wall mount.

The fitting is rated at only 2w Maintained which reduces to 1w Non Maintained, so very much the Eco Fitting. Even with the low wattage, 60 lumens output is still achieved. The rated life is shown as 40,000 hrs.

The Red Arrow 5 in 1 has a viewing distance of up to 29m.

Price wise you should expect to pay between £19 and £30 +VAT for the Red Arrow 5 in 1 fitting.


3. NVC Lexington LED Emergency Exit Sign

NVC Lexington

The NVC Lexington fitting is a box style fitting with a sturdy steel body and polycarbonate legend.

A single sided fitting which is well suited for wall mounting and in particular over door installation.

Both the Maintained and Non Maintained versions are rated at 3w. At the time of writing, I can’t find any detail regarding lumen output or rated life, although it does carry a substantial 5 year warranty.

The NVC Lexington has a viewing distance of up to 30m.

The price? You can expect to pay around £25 to £40 +VAT.


4. ANSELL Eagle 3 in 1 LED Emergency Exit Sign

Ansell - eagle-3in1-led-exit-sign-1

Similar to the Red Arrow 5 in 1, the ANSELL Eagle 3 in 1 fitting comes out the box with various mounting options. Suspension, recessed or side arm wall mount.

The fitting is rated at 2.5w with a somewhat lower 21 lumens output compared to the other models reviewed.

Viewing distance is noted as 25m. Life expectancy is not noted although it does carry a 3 year warranty.

Price wise, you can expect to pay around £40 to £60 +VAT


5. CHANNEL Alpine LED Emergency Exit Sign

Channel Alpine - E-AL-M3-LED - 1

The Channel Alpine is a box style polycarbonate fitting, lightweight and easy to install.

Like the NVC Lexington this is a single sided fitting suited for above door or wall mounting. There is a prismatic diffuser on the underside to help illuminate the floor at exit doors.

The Channel Alpine is rated at 1.9w with a life expectancy noted at 30,000 hrs.

Viewing distance is noted at 32m, the longest of our reviewed fittings.

The price? You can expect to pay around £30 to £40 +VAT.


In Summary....

As you can see, it is tough to pick out “Which is Best”. Each emergency fitting has a unique selling point.

The Thorn Voyager looks classy with its aluminium body and carries a trusted brand name. It runs at the highest wattage of the bunch and due its compact size has the lowest viewing distance of 23m. Some buyers might be put off by the heavier price tag.

The NVC Lexington and CHANNEL Alpine are pretty much like for like, with the Lexington sporting a more robust steel body over the Alpine’s polycarbonate make up. You will pick the Alpine up slightly cheaper though and it comes with nifty optional remote test facility.

The interesting comparison for me is between the RED ARROW 5 in 1 and the ANSELL Eagle 3 in 1. On the surface, they look like very similar fittings but the ANSELL disappoints a little with its low lumen output and surprisingly higher price tag.

I would love to hear your views, do you regularly use any of the above or would you like to recommend another brand?

Which LED Exit Sign is your fitting of choice?

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