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Domestic Smoke Alarms - Heat Alarms - Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Fire Safety in The Home.

We take fire safety seriously at CMD, our preference is to supply only the leading brand names of Domestic Detectors like Aico and Kidde, but as other brands enter the market we are happy to assess them and offer them as cost effective alternatives.

Which Smoke Alarm should I buy?

Aico has long since been our go-to brand when it comes to selecting a reliable Smoke Alarm for the home. A versatile range of Smoke, Heat and CO alarms to suit most budgets.

Aico alarms, when used with the RadioLINK Base can be wirelessly linked to other detectors and RadioLINK accessories, which include Call Points, CO Detectors, Relay Modules, Flashing Strobes and Pillow Vibrators for the Hearing Impaired.