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Shipping cost £10.... FREE on orders over £200


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FLEXEL TOUCH - WiFi Thermostat - FT16WIFI

The Flexel Touch WiFi (FT16WIFI) serves as a smart heating controller, which can be conveniently managed through an App on your Smartphone.

By utilizing this technology, you gain the ability to control your electric floor heating system from any location, promoting energy efficiency.

You have the flexibility to remotely adjust temperatures and programs, ensuring optimal comfort whenever necessary and conserving energy by operating at lower temperatures when not needed.

This smart approach minimizes energy wastage and maximizes overall energy efficiency.

Designed for effortless usability

The Flexel Touch WiFi thermostat offers remote access and control through a user-friendly App. Its intuitive design ensures easy management, making it suitable for users of all types, regardless of their technical expertise.

Easy Installation

The installation process is straightforward and hassle-free. You can choose from 4 editable preset programs, allowing you to set up your heating system quickly and efficiently.

Intuitive Programming

Full capacitive colour touchscreen for clarity and ease of use.

Manage Costs & Comfort Remotely

Take charge of your heating system's costs and comfort from anywhere with remote management capabilities. This WiFi-controlled system grants you full control whenever and wherever you need it. Easily adjust temperatures, program schedules, and even monitor energy consumption, all conveniently accessible from the palm of your hand through a simple mobile app. Works with Alexa and Hey Google


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    Our Thermostats are normally shipped within 1 working day, but as always, if there are any issues we'll keep you up to date. 


    • Maximum Load: 16 Amps, 230v AC, 3680w.
    • Electrical Protection: Class II.
    • Updated screen & WiFi enabled
    • External Sensor Compatibility: 10k, 12k or 15k Ohms @25 degC
    • Floor Sensor Type: NTC, 3m Cable.
    • Dimensions: H90 x W90 x D19mm
    • Installation Depth: 22mm
    • Warranty: 3 years
    • Approvals: EN 60730-1:2003