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Bonus Ball Bonanza

Bonus Ball Bonanza


What is Bonus Ball Bonanza?
Bonus Ball Bonanza has been set up by Craig Dolier to help bring small businesses together while raising funds for the “Help The Journey” cause.

What is Help The Journey?
Help The Journey was set up by Derek Cowan to provide small charities with the attention they deserve. By leveraging live streaming and social media, Derek has set out to bring the world together for social good.

How will Bonus Ball Bonanza work?
A group will have a maximum of 40 people, with each person paying £10 per month. They will randomly be assigned a number between 1 and 59. If their number matches the Bonus Ball when the UK National Lotto draws on a Wednesday or Saturday they win a cash prize of £20. If nobody matches the Bonus Ball, the £20 rolls over to the next draw.

£20 x 8 or 9 Lotto Draws each month equals only £160 or £180.  What happens to the surplus money?
The surplus money (between £220 and £240 per month) will be donated to the Help The Journey cause.

Will the Bonus Ball Bonanza be limited to just 40 people?
There is no reason why we can’t create more groups of 40, increase engagement and raise more funds. It all depends on the level of interest.

Filling out your details below simply registers your interest in Bonus Ball Bonanza. You are not subscribing to any payment at this stage.I will follow up with an email very soon as to how I intend to take things forward.
Over to you folks... feel free to ask any questions.


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