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BRITICENT 110v Site Transformers - Yellow Portable Transformers 10 kVA Single Phase or 3 Phase Options

The Briticent 10 kVA 3ph and Single Phase portable site transformers are used to step down UK Mains voltage to a site safe 110v centre tapped earth (CTE) supply, for the safe operation of portable tools and site lighting.

The Briticent portable transformers are rated 10 kVA and available as 3 phase or single phase to suit your site needs. With a familiar yellow body the site transformer has a 2m flex.

Socket outlets include 4 x 16 Amp and 2 x 32 Amp. Note that socket layouts may vary from the images shown depending on the model chosen.

Technical Details.

 Model Intermittent Rating

Continuous  Rating

Socket Outlets Weight
10 kVA 7 kVA
4 x 16 Amp and 2 x 32 Amp 63kg
10 kVA 7 kVA 4 x 16 Amp and 2 x 32 Amp 80kg

    Key Features:

    • Single or Three Phase: Choose the perfect fit for your project, catering to both 230V and 415V input.
    • 10kVA Intermittent Rating, 7kVA Continuous: Tackle demanding tasks with ample power, then operate tools efficiently during normal use.
    • 4x16A and 2x32A Sockets: Connect a variety of tools and equipment with ease, from light duty to heavy-duty needs.
    • Hard Wired Input: Securely integrates into your existing electrical infrastructure.
    • Heavy-Duty Steel Casing and Stand: Withstands rugged construction environments and protects internal components.
    • MCB Protected Input and Output: Safeguards your equipment against overloads and electrical faults.
    • IP44 Weatherproof: Operates reliably in dusty, rainy, or splash-prone conditions.
    • 2-Year Guarantee: Invest with confidence in Deta's trusted quality and craftsmanship.
    • On orOff Switch: Minimize energy waste by isolating the transformer when not in use.
    • 110V Working Indicator: Know when the transformer is active for added safety and convenience.
    • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials for extended lifespan and minimal maintenance.

    Ideal Application:

    • Efficient Powering of High-Demand Tools: Run power tools effortlessly, ensuring safe operation of US-sourced tools on your UK construction site. Connect multiple tools for increased productivity.

    • Multi-Tool Setups Made Easy: Ideal for demanding projects, with multiple sockets offering flexible configurations to streamline workflow and prevent bottlenecks.

    • Energy-Saving On-Site Efficiency: Save on energy costs with the "On/Off" switch and reduce the carbon footprint by actively managing transformer usage, demonstrating environmental responsibility.

    • Weatherproof Operation: Ensure reliable performance in challenging weather conditions with an IP44 rating, preventing downtime and keeping your project on track in unpredictable environments.

    • Safe and Convenient for Crew: Enhance safety awareness with a 110V working indicator and provide stability and protection with a sturdy steel casing and stand. The heavy-duty construction minimizes maintenance needs.


    • Output Voltage: AC110V-130V
    • Input Voltage: Single Phase: 230V
    • Three Phase: 415V
    • Operating Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Impendence Voltage: 5.6%
    • Weight Single Phase: 63kg
    • Three Phase: 80kg
    • Power Factor: ≥0.93
    • Intermittent Rating: 10kVA
    • Continuous Rating: 7kVA
    • Construction Materials: Steel
    • Optimal Operating Temp: 25 Celsius
    • IP Rating: IP44
    • Warranty: 2 Years

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