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Briticent 110v Site Transformers - Yellow Portable Site Transformers 1kVA to 5kVA

The Briticent Yellow Portable Site Transformers are used to step down UK Mains voltage to a site safe 110v centre tapped earth (CTE) supply, for the safe operation of portable tools and site lighting.

The Briticent portable transformers are available in various ratings: 1kVA (1000/2/B), 1.5kVA (1500/2/B), 3.0kVA (3000/2/B), and 5kVA (5000/3/B).

With a familiar yellow body the site transformer has a 2m flex and 13 amp BS1363 plug top.

Socket outlets include 2 x 16 Amp on the 1.0 kVA, 1.5 kVA and 3.0 kVA versions, with 2 x 16 Amp and a 32 Amp on the 5.0 kVA Transformer.

Note that socket layouts may vary from the images shown depending on the model chosen.

 Model Intermittent Rating

Continuous  Rating

Socket Outlets Weight
1.0 kVA 0.6 kVA
2 x 16 Amp 12.5kg
1.5 kVA 0.9 kVA 2 x 16 Amp 13kg
3.0 kVA 2.2 kVA 2 x 16 Amp 18kg
5000/3/B 5.0 kVA 2.8 kVA 2 x 16 Amp and 1 x 32 Amp 29kg

    Key Features:

    • Industrial-Strength Protection: Crafted from virtually indestructible GRP, Briticent transformers endure the harshest environments with rugged performance, even in the face of bumps or drops.

    • Effortless Portability: Surprisingly lightweight design with an ergonomic carry handle for easy transportation, bringing power wherever needed with ease.

    • Predictive Thermal Protection: Bid farewell to unexpected outages! Briticent's intelligent thermal cutout prevents overloads, ensuring seamless operation, even during peak demand.

    • Unwavering Confidence: Backed by a comprehensive 1-year guarantee for unparalleled peace of mind, invest in proven quality with trusted British engineering.

    • Plug-and-Play Simplicity: No more adapters or tangled wires! Briticent comes equipped with a 2m cable and standard 13A plug for immediate hassle-free connection.

    • Effortless Optimization: Seamlessly integrate Briticent transformers into your existing infrastructure for instant power wherever needed, eliminating time-consuming setup.

    • Unwavering Quality: Meticulously crafted in the UK, every Briticent transformer exceeds rigorous quality standards for lasting performance and reliability.

    • Commitment to Excellence: Choosing Briticent means supporting sustainable manufacturing and ethical sourcing—a brand valuing quality, safety, and responsible business practices.

    Ideal Application:

    • Construction Sites: Power US tools and equipment like a pro – drills, saws, lighting, you name it.
    • Events and Festivals: Light up the night with confidence, even with international gear. Power sound systems, stage lighting, and more.
    • Workshops and Studios: Run specialized machinery smoothly with the right voltage. Think CNC machines, 3D printers, or studio equipment.
    • Domestic Appliances: Enjoy your favorite North American gadgets like coffee makers, hairdryers, toasters, even blenders! (Check wattage first.)
    • Global Business Needs: Ensure safe operation of international equipment for presentations, demonstrations, or product testing.


    • Output Voltage: AC110V-130V
    • Input Voltage: AC220V-240V
    • Operating Frequency: 50Hz
    • Cable Length: 2m
    • IP Rating: IP44
    • Warranty: 1 Year 
    • Replacements: Part Code 3000/2/B now replaces 3300/2/B

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