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110v Site Transformers - Yellow Portable Transformers 1kVA to 5kVA

110v Site Transformers - Yellow Portable Transformers 1kVA to 5kVA


The Briticent range of portable site transformers are used to step down UK Mains voltage to a site safe 110v centre tapped earth (CTE) supply, for the safe operation of portable tools and site lighting.

Key features include.

The Briticent portable transformers are available in various ratings, 1kVA, 1.5kVA, 3.3kVA or 5kVA.

Whilst portable, these site transformers are also robust and come with an IP44 rating.

With a familiar yellow body the site transformer has a 2m flex and 13 amp BS1363 plug top.

Socket outlets include 2 x 16 Amp on the 1.0 kVA, 1.5 kVA and 3.3 kVA versions, with 2 x 16 Amp and a 32 Amp on the 5.0 kVA Transformer.

These great quality portable transformers are supported by a 1 year guarantee.

Note that socket layouts may vary from the images shown depending on the model chosen.

There is normally a 1 to 2 working day lead time on these items, but as always, we'll keep you up to date.

Technical Details.

 Model Intermittent Rating

Continuous  Rating

Socket Outlets Weight
1.0 kVA 0.6 kVA
2 x 16 Amp 12.5kg
1.5 kVA 0.9 kVA 2 x 16 Amp 13kg
3.3 kVA 2.2 kVA 2 x 16 Amp 18kg
5000/3/B 5.0 kVA 2.8 kVA 2 x 16 Amp and 1 x 32 Amp 29kg

    Key Features...

    • Robust GRP case with carry handle
    • 2m Supply Cable with 13 Amp Plug Top
    • Step Down from 230v to 110v CTE Supply
    • 1.0 kVA to 5 kVA intermittent rating options
    • 1 Year Guarantee
    • Resettable Thermal Cut Out
    • IP44
    • Yellow Body Finish
    • Input Voltage: 230v
    • Output Voltage: 110v
    • Standards, BS 1363, BS EN 60309, BS EN 61558 

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