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ActiV Optical Smoke Detector - C4416

A high quality detector at a competitive price.

The Activ Optical Smoke Detector is a non-addressable detector, occasionally referred to as a conventional detector.

  • Manufactured in the UK by C-TEC
  • Part No. C4416
  • Third-party certified to EN54-7 by Intertek.
  • Wide 6-33V DC operating voltage.
  • 360º visibility due to two 8mm x 2mm ultra-bright red LED indicators.
  • Drift compensation functionality ensures detector sensitivity is automatically calibrated to suit prevailing conditions and/or increased contamination levels.
  • Compatible with our ActiV C4408D diode, C4408 non-diode and C4408R relay bases.

Approvals / Certifications  

Certified to EN54-7 by Intertek (0359-CPR-00183).

Application / Operation

Uses an IR light source & photodiode to detect smoke. Typically used in escape routes, living areas, bedrooms & other enclosed spaces. Particularly effective at detecting slow burning fires caused by overheated electrical wiring or smouldering materials.

  • Application temperature: n/a.
  • Static response temperature: n/a.
  • Sensitivity: Nominal alarm threshold of 0.16db/m obscuration measured in accordance with EN54-7:2000.
  • Supply wiring: 2-wire monitored, polarity sensitive.
  • Supply/operating voltage 9 to 33V DC.
  • Quiescent current: 30µA @ 24 VDC.
  • Alarm voltage: 6-33V DC.
  • Alarm current: 19mA @ 12-33V DC; 11mA @ 9V DC; 2.5mA@ 6V DC.
  • Alarm reset voltage: Less than 1V DC (+0.5 seconds alarm reset time).
  • Expansion connections: Remote LED output available via ActiV base. Current source to the negative line, short-circuit protected. Max voltage 2.7V DC.
  • Product dimensions: (mm) 102.2mm diameter x 37mm deep (detector in base); 102.2mm diameter x 57.5mm deep.
  • Construction & finish: White polycarbonate casing rated to UL94 V-2 with nylon parts.
  • IP Rating: IP42.
  • Weight: 99g.