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Brackenheath Integrated LED Fire Rated Dimmable Downlights - IP65, 220-240V

Upgrade your space with Brackenheath's IP65 Integrated LED Fire Rated Downlights. These versatile fixtures combine cutting-edge technology, safety compliance, and stylish design for homes, offices

Available in two colour temperature options: 3000K (L1402WH3) and 4000K(L1402WH4). Choose from the two options available that suits your needs:

Code  Description Wattage Colour Temperature
L1402WH3 Fire Rated Downlight Dimmable 
L1402WH4 Fire Rated Downlight Dimmable
L1409SS Stainless Steel Bezel for Fire Rated Downlight (L1402WH3/L1402WH4)
- -
L1409CH Polished Chrome Bezel for Fire Rated Downlight (L1402WH3/L1402WH4)
- -


Key Features:

  • Ultimate Safety: 30, 60, and 90-minute fire rating ensures peace of mind (Building Regs. Part B compliant).
  • Dustproof and Waterproof: IP65 rating shields against dust and low-pressure water jets for worry-free use.
  • Compact and Easy Install: Fits tight ceiling spaces and features a twist-and-lock bezel for quick changes.
  • Warm or Cool White: Choose 3000K warm white or 4000K cool white for your desired ambience.
  • AmbiDim Option: L1421WH model transitions from 3000K to 2200K for a cosy atmosphere as the lights dim.
  • IC Rated for Insulation: Install directly over insulation for increased flexibility.
  • Sound and Air Control: The gasket prevents air movement and sound transmission for added comfort (BS 5250 and Part E compliant).
  • Dimmable and Reliable: Works seamlessly with Deta dimmers and backed by a 3-year guarantee.

Available Models:

  • L1402WH3: 3000K warm white, ideal for cosy spaces.
  • L1402WH4: 4000K cool white, perfect for bright task lighting.

Available Bezels:

  • L1409CH: Bezel Chrome 
  • L1409SS: Bezel Stainless Steel 

        Ideal Application:

        • Bathrooms: Keep things safe and bright near showers and sinks, with moisture resistance and Building Regs compliance.
        • Kitchens: Tackle meal prep like a champ with durable task lighting over countertops and hobs, no steam or splatter worries.
        • Utility Rooms: Light up your laundry days with robust illumination, perfect for tackling dust and dampness in washing-up areas.
        • Loft Conversions: Convert those attic spaces with confidence, meeting fire safety regs while adding a cosy ambience.
        • Offices: Illuminate workspaces and meeting rooms safely and stylishly, dimming for presentations and focused tasks. Ticking all the building reg boxes, of course!
        • Shops and Showrooms: Make your displays shine and welcome customers with inviting lighting, even if there's dust or a bit of moisture in the air.
        • Hospitality: Keep rest rooms, kitchens, and dining areas safe and stylish with lighting that meets hygiene standards and sets the mood.
        • Warehouses and Workshops: Get the job done with bright, reliable illumination, even when dust and dampness are part of the picture.
        • Covered Porches and Patios: Enjoy your outdoor space under the glow of stylish, weatherproof downlights, creating a cosy haven.
        • Entranceways: Welcome guests with safe and warm light at your doorstep, come rain or shine.
        • Garden Sheds and Workshops: Illuminate those DIY projects with safe and bright lighting, perfect for hammering, sawing, and potting with peace of mind.


          • Voltage Rating: 240V AC 50 Hz
          • Power: 6W
          • Lamp: Integrated LED
          • Lumens: 550lm
          • IP rating: IP65
          • Fire Rating: 30, 60 and 90 mins.
          • Class: II (double insulated)
          • Dimmable: Yes
          • Warranty: 3-Year Guarantee

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