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Brackenheath LED Corn Lamps E40 - IP65, 100V-240V, 6500K

Brackenheath LED 360 Corn Lamps E40 are the ultimate replacements for metal halide lamps in your warehouse, factory, or any large commercial space.

You can choose from the options available:

Code  Description Wattage Lumens Dimension
R8036 Corn Lamp E40 36W 5,040 Lm 247mm x 87mm
R8054 Corn Lamp E40 54W 7,560 Lm 277mm x 87mm
R8080 Corn Lamp E40 80W 11,200 Lm 278mm x 130mm
R8100 Corn Lamp E40 100W 14,000 Lm 295mm x 130mm


Key Features:

  • Slash Energy Bills: Enjoy massive energy savings of up to 80 percent compared to metal halides thanks to high-efficiency LEDs.
  • Unleash Brighter Spaces: Get uniform, 360 Degree illumination with lumen outputs ranging from 5040lm to 14000lm, depending on your model.
  • Built to Last: These robust lamps boast a 50,000-hour lifespan, minimizing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Smart Compatibility: Work seamlessly with PIR sensors for enhanced security and energy savings.
  • Silent Operation: Say goodbye to noisy fans! The innovative heatsink design ensures quiet performance.
  • Easy Retrofit: Effortlessly fit E40 base high bay and low bay fittings, replacing metal halide lamps without hassle.
  • 5-Year Guarantee: Invest with confidence, backed by extended peace of mind.

Choose Your Perfect Solution:

  • R8036: 36W LED Corn Lamp (equivalent to 120W MH)
  • R8054: 54W LED Corn Lamp (equivalent to 150W MH) 
  • R8080: 80W LED Corn Lamp (equivalent to 250W MH)
  • R8100: 100W LED Corn Lamp (equivalent to 250W MH) 

    Ideal Application:

    • Warehouses and Factories: Achieve exceptional brightness and coverage in large industrial settings, ensuring optimal visibility for efficient operations.
    • Industrial and Storage Facilities: Illuminate storage areas and industrial spaces with consistent 360 Degrees light, enhancing safety and productivity.
    • Large Retail Spaces: Create an inviting shopping environment with bright and evenly distributed lighting, showcasing your products effectively.
    • Sports Halls and Gymnasiums: Provide well-lit spaces for sports activities and workouts, fostering a comfortable and safe environment.
    • Exhibition and Display Areas: Highlight exhibits and products with brilliant, uniform lighting, capturing attention and enhancing the visual appeal of displays.


    • Voltage: 100V-240V
    • Frequency: 50Hz
    • Power Factor: ≤0.9
    • Colour Temperature: 6500K
    • Construction: Aluminium Body and Polycarbonate Diffuser
    • IP Rating: IP65
    • Dimmable: No
    • Light Source: Non-replaceable LED
    • Lifespan: 50,000hrs
    • Luminous Efficacy: 140 lm/W
    • Standards: BS EN 60598-1

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