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Brackenheath LED Professional Battens - CCT3, IP20, IK06, 220-240V

Brackenheath LED Professional Battens - CCT3 offer a high-performance, energy-saving solution to replace T8 fluorescent fittings in your commercial space.

You can choose from the options available:

Code  Description Wattage Lumens Length
BR5114 4FT Professional Batten 20W
2000lm 1200mm
BR5115 5FT Professional Batten 30W
3000lm 1500mm
BR5116 6FT Professional Batten 40W
4000lm 1800mm
BR5114T 4FT Professional Batten Twin 40W
4000lm 1200mm
BR5115T 5FT Professional Batten Twin  60W 6000lm 1500mm
BR5116T 6FT Professional Batten Twin  80W 8000lm 1800mm
BR5114E 4FT  Professional Batten with Emergency 20W 2000lm 1200mm
BR5115E 5FT Professional Batten with Emergency 30W 3000lm 1500mm
BR5116E 6FT Professional Batten with Emergency 40W 4000lm 1800mm
BR5114TE 4FT Professional Batten Twin with Emergency 40W 4000lm 1200mm
BR5115TE 5FT Professional Batten Twin with Emergency 60W 6000lm 1500mm
BR5116TE 6FT  Professional Batten Twin with Emergency 80W 8000lm 1800mm
BR5194 Wire Suspension Kit for LED CCT Batten range - - 2m


Key Features:

  • Light Up Instantly: Switch on and enjoy immediate, flicker-free illumination, perfect for busy environments.
  • Slash Energy Bills: Save up to 56 percent compared to traditional T8 fluorescent tubes, reducing your running costs and benefiting the environment.
  • Customize Your Mood: Choose between Warm White, Cool White, and Daylight White with built-in DIP switches for optimal workspace ambience.
  • Flexibility for Every Space: Single and twin batten options available in 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft lengths to suit your layout and needs.
  • Robust and Durable: Steel body and polycarbonate diffuser ensure long-lasting performance and easy cleaning.
  • Ceiling or Suspension: Mount your battens seamlessly with included wire fittings or directly onto the ceiling.
  • Safety First: Select emergency backup models (BR51xxE/TE) for reliable illumination during power outages.
  • 5-Year Guarantee: Invest with confidence, backed by extended peace of mind.

      Ideal Application:

      • Offices and Corridors: Illuminate workspaces and pathways with optimal lighting for enhanced productivity and safety.
      • Shops and Retail Spaces: Showcase products with vibrant and consistent lighting, creating an inviting shopping experience.
      • Schools and Universities: Provide well-lit learning environments, enhancing focus and concentration for students and educators.
      • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Ensure proper lighting for medical tasks and patient well-being in healthcare settings.
      • Hospitality and Leisure Venues: Create a welcoming atmosphere with versatile lighting options for various settings within hospitality spaces.
      • Any commercial space with T8 fluorescent fittings:Upgrade outdated T8 fluorescent fixtures with energy-efficient LED Professional Battens, improving illumination and reducing energy consumption.


      • Voltage: 220-240V
      • Frequency: 50-60Hz
      • Power Factor: ≤0.9
      • Colour Temperature:
        • 3000K Warm White
        • 4000K Cool White
        • 5000K Daylight White
      • Construction: Steel body with polycarbonate diffuser
      • IP Rating: IP20
      • IK Rating: IK06
      • Dimmable: No
      • Light Source: Non-replaceable LED
      • Lifespan: 50,000hrs
      • Luminous Efficacy: 100 lm/W
      • Standards: BS EN 60598-1
      • Warranty: 5-year guarantee

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