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Brackenheath REX Slim LED Floodlights - IP65, IK07, IK08, 4000K, 90 lm/W

Illuminate your surroundings with confidence using Brackenheath REX Slim LED Floodlights, versatile lighting solutions designed for various applications.

Choose your ideal wattage with PIR or Photocell options to conquer any darkness and illuminate your space with confidence:

 Model Description Wattage Lumens
N6045 REX Slim Floodlight 220-240V 70W
6300 Lm
N6055 REX Slim Floodlight 220-240V 100W
9000 Lm
N6065 REX Slim Floodlight 220-240V 150W 13500 Lm
N6075 REX Slim Floodlight 220-240V 200W 18000 Lm
N6085 REX Slim Floodlight 220-240V 300W 27000 Lm
N6047 REX Slim Floodlight with PIR 220-240V 70W 6300 Lm
N6057 REX Slim Floodlight with PIR 220-240V 100W 9000 Lm
N6046 REX Slim Floodlight with Photocell 220-240V 70W 6300 Lm
N6056 REX Slim Floodlight with Photocell 220-240V 100W 9000 Lm
N6066 REX Slim Floodlight with Photocell 220-240V 150W 13500 Lm
N6086 REX Slim Floodlight with Photocell 220-240V 300W 27000 Lm


Key Features:

  • Power Up Your Space: Choose from a wide range of light outputs (10W-300W) to illuminate any area, from domestic garages to sprawling warehouses.
  • Effortless Installation: Lightweight design with heavy-duty swivel mount makes setup easy, even for high-ceiling applications.
  • Energy Efficiency Champion: Save energy and money with highly efficient LED technology, lowering your electricity bills.
  • Built to Last: Robust aluminium body, toughened glass, and IP65 rating withstand harsh weather conditions and outdoor environments.
  • Adaptable Illumination: Adjust the beam angle (115 degrees) to direct light precisely where you need it for maximum effectiveness.
  • Security and Safety: High-brightness cool white light (4000K) enhances visibility and deters unwanted activity.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Enjoy reliable illumination for years to come with a 30,000-hour LED lifespan and 3-year guarantee.

    Ideal Application:

    • Industrial Productivity: Flood garages, car parks, and construction sites with brilliant light, creating an environment conducive to productivity and safety.Illuminate warehouse aisles, loading bays, and storage areas, facilitating improved workflow and efficient inventory management.
    • Security and Deterrence: Enhance security measures by securing perimeter walls, entryways, and security checkpoints with the powerful and deterring light of REX Slim Floodlights.
    • Outdoor Ambiance: Brighten outdoor spaces such as patios, gardens, and walkways, ensuring safer nighttime enjoyment while creating an inviting ambiance.
    • Domestic Upgrade: Elevate your domestic lighting experience by upgrading to high-performance LEDs. Enjoy not only efficient lighting but also a stylish and contemporary illumination that complements your home.


    • Voltage: 220V-240V
    • Frequency: 50-60Hz
    • Power Factor: ≤0.9
    • Colour Temperature: 4000K Cool White
    • Beam Angle: 115 Degrees
    • Construction: Aluminium Body and Toughened Glass
    • IP Rating: IP65
    • IK Rating: 10W-50W - IK07 / 70W-300W - IK08
    • Cable length: 10W-50W - 0.5m / 70W-300W - 1.5m
    • Dimmable: No
    • Light Source: Non-replaceable LED
    • Lifespan: 30,000hrs
    • Luminous Efficacy: 90 lm/W
    • Standards: BS EN 60598-1

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