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Briticent Cable Carrier (SPAXA) - Fold Away Yellow Frame - Cable Management

The Briticent SPAXA Cable Carrier tackles unruly cables head-on. Its robust design lets you simultaneously pull multiple cables, up to a hefty 50kg, with smooth, controlled ease.

Conquer Cable Chaos, and ditch the tangled mess and backaches; SPAXA keeps your cables organized and accessible, ideal for construction sites, events, studios, and beyond.


Length Width  Height
Closed 760mm  40mm  380mm
Open  760mm  340mm  340mm

Key Features:

  • Multi-Cable Handling: Effortlessly pull multiple cables simultaneously from the reel. Maximum carry weight of 50kg for heavy-duty applications.
  • Durable Construction: Sturdy yellow frame built to withstand tough conditions. Backed by a 2-year guarantee for peace of mind.
  • Secure Locking Mechanism: Prevents accidental cable spills and tangles. Keeps cables neatly contained when not in use.
  • Portable Design: Lightweight (2.8kg) and compact for easy transport and storage. Folds down for convenient carrying and setup.
  • Additional Features: Smooth-running reel for effortless cable dispensing. Easy to use and maintain. Ideal for various professional settings, including construction sites, events, studios, and workshops.

Ideal Application:

  • Construction and Renovation:

    • Safely pull up electrical cables to upper floors.
    • Manage extension cords for tools and lighting, reducing tripping hazards.
    • Organize power supplies and communication cables for temporary workshops.
  • Events and Entertainment:

    • Easily deploy cables for concerts, festivals, and theatrical productions.
    • Efficiently uncoil video and data cables for live events and broadcasts.
    • Organize and transport cables for band setups and backstage areas.
  • Warehouse and Logistics:

    • Effortlessly handle heavy power cables in large storage spaces.
    • Manage extension cords for charging stations and equipment maintenance.
    • Organize and protect power cords during inventory checks and movements.
  • Commercial and Retail:

    • Pull cables for display lighting and point-of-sale systems in stores.
    • Uncoil temporary power cords for renovations and maintenance in shopping centers.
    • Organize extension cords for cleaning equipment and seasonal decorations.
  • Safety and Protection:

    • Prevent snags and tripping hazards caused by loose cables.
    • Protect cables during transportation and storage.
    • Maintain organized and accessible cables for troubleshooting and maintenance.


Always follow safe electrical practices and regulations when using cable carriers. Choose the appropriate carrier size and weight capacity for your specific needs.

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