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BRITICENT Lighting Festoon Cable - 100m, 16A, 110V, IP44, SEFL13B, SEFL13E

Illuminate Your Construction Site with Briticent's 100m Festoon Lighting Cable – Durable, IP44 Weatherproof Design. Choose Between B22 or E27 Lampholders for Customized Lighting Solutions.

Explore Two Tailored Options to Suit Your Project Needs.

Length Amps Lamp Holder
SEFL13B 100M 16A B22
SEFL13E 100M 16A


Key Features:

  • Super-Sized Illumination: 100m of festoon magic brings even the biggest spaces to light.


  • Flexible Configuration: B22 and E27 options let you match existing bulbs or switch to energy-efficient LEDs.


  • 33 Lampholders: Easily customize your lighting, spacing them strategically for optimal brightness.


  • Plug and Play Simplicity: Quick setup and breakdown, ideal for temporary and mobile applications.


  • Weatherproof Toughness: IP44 rating shrugs off rain and dust, keeping projects and events on track.


  • Durable Construction: Arctic-grade 2.5mm cable built to withstand rigorous use.


  • Safe and Reliable: 110V 16A plug and 1-year guarantee for peace of mind.

Product Range:


  • Briticent Festoon Kit 100m B22 (SKU: BFZ100B22)
  • Briticent Festoon Kit 100m E27 (SKU: BFZ100E27)


Ideal Application:

  • Construction Sites: In construction sites, where temporary power supply often operates at 110v, the use of 110v industrial lights is widespread. These lights offer effective and bright illumination for construction tasks, addressing the need for visibility during both day and night.
  • Outdoor Events and Festivals: In settings like outdoor events, festivals, or concerts that demand temporary lighting solutions, 110v industrial non-corrosive site lights prove to be a fitting choice. They provide a dependable solution for illuminating expansive outdoor spaces.
  • Maintenance and Repair Work: These lights are valuable for maintenance and repair work across diverse industries. Whether it involves fixing roads, bridges, or other infrastructure projects, the robust design of industrial lights renders them well-suited for such applications.
  • Film and TV Production: Within the entertainment industry, particularly in outdoor film and TV productions, 110v industrial lights stand out as a consistent source of high-quality lighting. Their durability ensures they can meet the challenges of on-location shooting.
  • Warehouses and Storage Yards: For warehouses or storage yards operating on a 110v power supply, these lights serve the purpose of ensuring proper visibility and safety. Engineered to withstand harsh environments, they are a suitable lighting solution for industrial settings.


        • Temporary lighting festoon cable for site use
        • 100m length with 33 lampholders at 3m spacing
        • Supplied with 110V 16A plug
        • Select from B22 or E27 lampholder
        • For use with GLS style lamps to maintain IP rating
        • Arctic grade 2.5mm cable
        • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
        • IP44 rating for protection from solid objects larger than 1mm and splashes of water from any direction
        • 1-year guarantee

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