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Carbon Dioxide Monitor CO2 Detector Alarm - Mains Powered - MERLIN CO2 AVG

£120.83 +VAT

Why do I need a CO2 Monitor?

The modern day home is becoming increasingly airtight as house builders strive to improve energy efficiency within the home, driven by building regulation requirements. In doing so, without regular ventilation, the air quality in the home can suffer. The use of a CO2 Monitor gives a live indication of the air quality, alerting the homeowner to take action, for example, by opening up windows to ventilate the home.

Where should I install the CO2 Monitor?

Easily installed with no setup required, this mains powered CO2 Carbon Dioxide Monitor is generally fitted in the Master Bedroom of airtight, energy efficient homes.

How does the CO2 Alarm work?

The MERLIN AVG comes with a digital readout showing the CO2 levels over the past 8 and 24 hours. Visual indicators give occupants a concise indication of CO2 levels and whether to take further action to reduce levels of CO2 within the home.

Complies with the Scottish Technical Handbook October 2015 requirements for CO2 monitoring within domestic dwellings.


MERLIN CO2 AVG Key Features.

  • 240v Mains Powered
  • Displays Live CO2 Reading.
  • Monitors average CO2 Levels for the previous 8 and 24 hours
  • Readings are logged every 10 mins
  • Monitors the highest CO2 Level for the previous 24 hours
  • The display uses a LED warning lights to give indication CO2 Levels and whether further ventilation is required.
  • Surface Mounted, Double Insulated (No Earth Required).
  • Dimensions: H140 x W95 x D30mm
  • 2 Year Guarantee