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CONNEXION ELECTRICAL 25m Caravan Extension Lead Orange Cable - IP44, 240V, 10749

Upgrade your power supply with the Connexion Electrical 25m Caravan Extension Lead (10749) and experience the freedom and flexibility it brings to your adventures and projects.

This heavy-duty extension cord boasts an exceptional 25 meters of length, perfect for powering equipment across large campsites or workspaces.

 Code Description Voltage
10749 25m Caravan Extension Lead Orange Cable 240V

Key Features:

  • Unbeatable Reach: Say goodbye to scrambling for additional cords! This extension lead provides a massive 25 meters of cable length, ensuring your power source is always within reach, regardless of campsite layout or workshop size. Ideal for powering appliances, tools, or lighting far from outlets.

  • Built for Adventure (and Work): Featuring a robust 1.5mm cable, this extension lead can handle the demands of both caravan adventures and professional settings. Whether you're battling campsite elements or workshop wear and tear, this lead is built to endure for reliable power transmission.

  • High-Power Performance: The included 16A plug allows connection to higher power sources, making it suitable for powering various devices and equipment. Rated for 240V, this extension lead delivers consistent and dependable power for all your needs.

  • Enhanced Safety and Visibility: The bright orange cable colour increases visibility in outdoor environments, reducing trip hazards and making cable management easier. This, combined with the IP44 weatherproof rating, ensures safe use in both campsites and workshops.

  • Stylish and Practical Design: The sleek orange cable adds a touch of style while enhancing visibility. This makes it easy to spot and manage your power connection, promoting safety and convenience.

Ideal Applications:

  • Caravans and Motorhomes: Perfect for powering devices during travels, ensuring a stable power source. Offers reliable power for extended outdoor stays.

  • Workshops and Garages: Excellent for powering tools and machinery with extended reach. Provides consistent power for heavy-duty equipment and DIY projects.

  • Outdoor Events and Festivals: Ideal for powering event equipment like lighting and sound systems. Suited for vendors' stalls and temporary facilities.

  • Construction Sites: Durable and reliable for powering tools and equipment on-site. Withstands harsh conditions and heavy usage.

  • Home Renovations and DIY Projects:Great for various indoor and outdoor tasks. Provides extra length and power for home improvements.

  • Garden and Outdoor Use: Ideal for garden equipment and outdoor tasks. Withstands weather conditions for uninterrupted power outdoors.


  • IP Rating: IP44
  • Input Voltage: 240V
  • Output Voltage: 240V
  • Cable Type: Orange Flex Cable
  • Number of Pins: 3Pin
  • Colour: Orange
  • Plug: 16Amp
  • Temperature Range : +5 degree celsius to +70 degree celsius

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