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CONNEXION ELECTRICAL 1.50mm Cable 16 Amp Plug and Coupler - IP44, 110V, 50-60Hz, 10801

Connexion Electrical 1.50mm Cable 16 Amp Plug and Coupler (10801) is a top-rated 14 meter extension lead [UK plug], designed for superior performance and durability, making it ideal for even the most demanding jobs.

Looking for a reliable and efficient way to transmit power to your tools, machinery, and high-demand gadgets? Look no further than the Connexion Electrical 1.50mm 16 amp Plug and Coupler Cable!

 Code Description Dimension
10801 14m 1.5mm 16Amp 110v Extension Leads 14m in length

Key Features:

  • Reliable Power Transmission: The 1.50mm cable thickness ensures optimal conductivity, while the 16 amp plug and coupler can handle high-current loads, delivering dependable power for even the most demanding tasks.

  • Superior Flexibility: Featuring a generous 14-meter length, this extension cord offers ample reach and flexibility, allowing you to work comfortably in various environments.

  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials, this cable is built to withstand tough working conditions, making it a perfect choice for professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike.

  • Advanced Safety Features: The IP44 ingress protection rating safeguards the cable against dust and water ingress, ensuring safe operation in demanding environments.

  • Peace of Mind: Backed by the Connexion Electrical promise of quality, this cable is compliant with all relevant safety certifications, including RoHS and UKCA, giving you peace of mind.

Ideal Applications:

  • Construction Sites: Powers tools and lighting in rugged environments.

  • Railway Projects: Provides consistent power for maintenance and construction.

  • Industrial Machinery: Ensures efficient power for high-demand equipment.

  • Event Setups: Ideal for temporary power at events and exhibitions.

  • Workshops and Factories: Powers tools and machinery reliably.

  • Outdoor Installations: IP44 rating protects against splashes and environmental factors.

  • Power Tools: Ensures peak performance without interruptions.

  • Temporary Power Distribution: Suitable for flexible power solutions on-site.

  • Agricultural Equipment: Powers farming tools and machinery.

  • Maintenance and Repair Work: Provides a reliable power source for tasks.

  • Mobile Workstations: Essential for on-the-go operations.


  • IP Rating: IP44
  • Safety Level: Class I
  • Input Voltage: 110V
  • Output Voltage: 110V
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Cable Type: 1.5mm2 3 core PVC cable - H05VV-F
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Plug: 110V 16A Plug to BS EN60309 - Part No.10603
  • Coupler: 110V 16A Coupler to BS EN60309 - Part No.10604
  • Case: PVC + Copper for Cable, Nylon + PP for Plug/Coupler

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