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Detectagas Aerosol - Domestic Carbon Monoxide Alarm Test Kit

Test Your CO Alarm With Detectgas

Domestic Carbon Monoxide Detector Test Kit

  • There are around 14 million CO Detectors installed  in the UK.
  • The Sensor in CO Detector lasts around 5 years.
  • Potentially seven million alarms installed in the UK are over 5 years old.
  • The test button on a CO Detector does not test the  sensor with carbon monoxide nor does it prove  that contaminated air is reaching the sensor via  the casing vents.
  • If the test button is pressed on a CO Detector  with a faulty sensor and with a working battery  and alarm bell it may appear to work but is not  providing any protection against CO poisoning.

How To Use

In order for a CO alarm to activate the sensor must detect a given level (300ppm) of CO for up to 3 minutes to meet with European standards BSEN50291.
It is necessary to maintain the level of test gas at the sensor for up to three minutes.
The Detectagas test kit includes a patented surround and seal system which is placed around the detector to facilitate this test and delivers a safe level of test gas to the sensor.
Simply spraying a test gas at the detector will not provide a true test. The use of cigarettes or joss sticks is not quantitative nor legal in certain situations.
The award winning Detectagas test method is unique and subject to three patents and design registration.
The test typically takes 1-2 minutes to activate an alarm.
The Detectagas kit is self contained and does not require any additional equipment.