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Fire Rated IC CAP for Downlights (Box of 20) - ICCAP

Fire Rated IC Cap - New Building Regulations now state that insulation needs to be laid unbroken and without any gaps. These IC Caps allow for installations to meet the requirements of Part L1 A/B; reduction in energy costs & the simplication of installation.

This item is available in quantities of 20.

If you need alternative quantities please drop us message :) 

Key Features:

- Installation to meet the requirements of Parts L1 A / B of the Building Regulations without having to gain dispensation from the Local Building Control or the NHBC, or installing expensive insulation guards.

- The removal of cold bridging effect of conventional downlights stopping heat transfer into the loft or ceiling void thereby reducing energy costs.

- Simplifies installation saving time and money.

- Downlights can be 'final fixed' after the insulation has been laid saving time and install costs.

- Complete insulation coverage helps to maintain the resistance to passage of sound (Part E of the Building Regulations).