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FLEXEL ECOFLEX Pipe Freezing Protection Cable - PFP Cable

Flexel's ECOFLEX Pipe Freeze Protection Cable (PFP) is a simple solution to prevent frozen pipes in domestic and small commercial buildings.

What is Pipe Freeze Protection?

The ECOFLEX Pipe Freeze Protection is a heat cable of pre terminated fixed resistance with an integral thermostat. If the pipe temperature drops below 3 degC the system kicks and warms the pipe to prevent it from freezing. Once a safe pipe temperature has been reached the cable de-energises to save energy.

Where would you typically install ECOFLEX Pipe Freeze Protection?

The ECOFLEX PFP is very effective in protecting hot and cold water pipework that may be subject to freezing conditions.

Typical applications are Boiler Condensate Pipes, External Water Pipes, Waste Pipes in unheated areas, Lofts, Attics and outbuildings.

What's in the box?

We supply Flexel's Ecoflex Pipe Freeze Protection Cables in a kit, complete with PFP Fixing Tape (33m x 18mm) and a roll of Aluminium Tape (45m x 50mm).

Note that Aluminium tape is not required when protecting metal pipework.

Features and Benefits.

  • A simple, low cost solution for the prevention of burst pipes.
  • Suitable for both metal and plastic pipe up to 50mm diameter.
  • Ready made unit fitted with 1.5m cold lead and 3 pin plug for simple installation.
  • Integrated thermostat energises system when temperature falls below +3 degC.

    Lead times.

    Our ECOFLEX PFP Kits are normally shipped within 1 working day, but as always, if there are any issues we'll keep you up to date. 


    Part Code Length (m) Voltage Wattage
    PFP2 2m 230v 20w
    PFP3 3m 230v 30w
    PFP4 4m 230v 40w
    PFP6 6m 230v 72w
    PFP10 10m 230v 136w
    PFP14 14m 230v 152w
    PFP21 21m 230v 281w
    PFP30 30m 230v 337w
    PFP42 42m 230v 490w