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FLEXEL EcoSun C+ IP55 Far Infrared Heaters | Efficient Ceiling Cassettes for Offices & Homes, Manufactured In The UK

FLEXEL's ECOSUN C+ IP55 Far Infrared radiant ceiling panels are designed as a direct replacement for the original ECOSUN C+ IP20 units.

Proudly Manufactured in the UK, these innovative far infrared heaters are perfect for a variety of settings, including around the home, offices, corridors, toilets, canteens and classrooms.

Key Benefits:

  • Perfect Fit: Designed to replace standard 600mm x 600mm UK ceiling tiles seamlessly.
  • Versatile Heating: Ideal for complete or supplemental heating in commercial, residential, and public buildings.
  • Energy Efficient: Infrared technology heats people and objects directly, reducing energy consumption by avoiding the need to heat all the air in a room.

Can the ECOSUN C+ be installed on a normal flat ceiling?

Yes, the ECOSUN C+ Panels are supplied with a mounting bracket for easy installation onto flat ceilings. 

Where would you typically install ECOSUN C+ Radiant Panels?

Typical applications are Around the Home, Offices, Shops, Trade Counters, Reception Areas and localised heating at work benches. 

Ecosun C+ Key Features:

  • IP55 Rating: Upgraded for easy cleaning and durability.
  • Easy Installation: Fits into a ceiling grid like an LED panel, with optional mounting brackets for surface mounting.
  • Comfortable Heat: Provides clean, gentle, and comfortable far infrared heat.
  • Safety and Reliability: Includes a built-in safety thermal cut-out and thermal overload protection set at 130°C.
  • Quality Construction: 22 gauge galvanized steel radiating surface with a white powder-coated finish and a carbon impregnated glass cloth heating element for excellent heat distribution and longevity.

Leadtime - When will you receive your order?

We dropship these products straight from our distributor's warehouse to help get them to you as quickly as possible at the best price. UK Mainland Express Delivery is generally 1 to 2 working days from the time we receive your order.


  • Mounting Height: 2.4m min to 4.0m max

  • Output Options: Available in 300W (595x595x25mm) and double 600W (1195x595x25mm) units.

  • Mounting Flexibility: Can be suspended on chains or surface mounted using our ECOSUN C+ Bracket.

Control and Customization:

  • Flexible Control: Compatible with Flexel’s extensive range of thermostat options for precise temperature management.
  • Integrated Design: Can be mounted next to an LED light panel, pushing heat outwards for efficient space usage.
  • Free Heating Design Service: Flexel offers a complimentary heating design service for all of their products.

Upgrade to the ECOSUN C+ IP55 and experience the benefits of modern, efficient, and comfortable heating in your space.

ECOSUN C+ Far Infrared Radiant Ceiling Panel
Part Code Wattage Dimensions
3CR-300 (300C+)
300w 595 x 595 x 25mm
6CR-600 (600C+)
600w 1195 x 595 x 25mm