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FLEXEL ECOSUN K+ Under Desk Far Infrared Heating Panel

Flexel's ECOSUN K+ serves as an excellent heating solution for both desks and churches with fixed pews.

Specifically designed to fit onto the front panel of pews or desks, these radiant heating panels efficiently provide warmth to people in their immediate vicinity.

An advantage of this design is that each panel can be operated independently, ensuring heating costs are kept to a minimum.

With the capability of almost instantaneous heat delivery, the panels can be switched on just moments before the congregation or staff arrive, promoting energy efficiency.

The ECOSUN K+ panels are incredibly unobtrusive as they are available painted in a dark brown or white, and when installed on the front of traditional pews or desks, they blend in seamlessly and are barely noticeable, preserving the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Where would you typically install ECOSUN K+ Far Infrared Panels?

Typical applications are Offices, Shops, Trade Counters, Reception Areas, Church Pews and localised heating at work benches.

Features and Benefits.

  • Localised heating – heat only the areas required
  • Maintenance free
  • Lightweight for easy installtion
  • 100W, 200W, 270W, 330W and 400W outputs available
  • Zinc coated steel radiating surface
  • Fully insulated rear panel
  • 1.9m power cable
  • Available in Brown RAL 0240 or White RAL 9016
  • Voltage: 230V, 50Hz

Lead times:

The ECOSUN K+ is not a UK Stock Item, please allow 5 to 7 weeks for delivery. If there are any issues we'll keep you up to date. 

    ECOSUN K+ Radiant Panel
    Part Code Wattage Dimensions
    ECOSUN 100K+
    100w 500 × 320 × 30 mm
    ECOSUN 200K+ 200w 750 × 320 × 30 mm
    ECOSUN 270K+ 270w 1000 × 320 × 30 mm
    ECOSUN 330K+ 330w 1250 × 320 × 30 mm
    ECOSUN 400K+ 400w 1500 × 320 × 30 mm