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FLEXEL ECOSUN S+ High Output Far Infrared Radiant Panels - Commercial Radiant Heating Panels

Flexel's ECOSUN S+ is a High Output Far Infrared Radiant Panel, a versatile solution to heat commercial and industrial space.

What is the easiest way to install ECOSUN S+?

The ECOSUN S+ is designed specifically for high level mounting. The panels can be horizontally ceiling mounted or suspended on rods or chains.

Where would you typically install Flexel's ECOSUN S+ Far Infrared Radiant Panels?

The ECOSUN S+ Panels are very effective in large volume spaces where conventional warm air convection heating systems would be uneconomic.

Typical applications are Supermarkets, Gymnasiums, Showrooms, Factories and Warehouses.

Features and Benefits.

  • Localised Heating - Only warm the area required e.g Work Stations. 
  • Can be Suspended or Ceiling Mounted. Freeing up floor and wall space.
  • Higher ventilation and air extract rates do not significantly affect the radiant performance of ECOSUN S+ Panels, which primarily warm the fabric of the heated area.
  • Gentle radiant heat results in improved comfort conditions at lower inside ambient temperature. Providing comfort conditions at lower running costs.
  • Radiant heating does not cause air convection currents, therefore minimising dust movement and providing a clean draft free environment.
  • ECOSUN S+ Panels are constructed using a rod heating element encapsulated within a special aluminium extrusion profile. The surface area of the aluminium profile is treated with a silicating process which substantially increases its surface area and ability to emit heat. The result is a high efficiency low maintenance heater suitable for commercial and industrial environments.

    Lead times:

    The Flexel Ecosun S+ Far Infrared Panels are normally shipped within 1 working day, but as always, if there are any issues we'll keep you up to date. 


    • Fully insulated galvanised steel casing with class O foil backed 25mm thick insulation.
    • Powder coated casing (RAL9010 off white) and grey radiating faceplate
    • Ceiling mounting frame included in the installation kit
    • Heating Panel surface temperature - approx 350 degC
    • Protection Class1, IPx4, Cable Gland IP44
    • Thermo Crystal High emissivity heating panel.
    • Recommended mounting heights: Full Heating 5m to 8m, Localised spot heating 3.5m to 4.5m.

    Additional Information:

    Due to the high power outputs of the ECOSUN S+ radiant panels must be installed the following minimum distances from:

    • Radiant Surfaces (up to 260 degC): 1.0m
    • From the Back Side of the Panel: 10cm
    • Minimum distance from wall: 1.5m
    • Minimum height from the floor: 3.5m


    ECOSUN S+ - Radiant Heating Panels
    Part Code Wattage Voltage Weight Dimensions
    ECOSUN S+ 09 900w 230v 8.15Kg 1550x150x60mm
    ECOSUN S+ 12 1200w 230v 8.15Kg 1550x150x60mm
    ECOSUN S+ 18 1800w 12.9Kg 1550x250x60mm
    ECOSUN S+ 24 2400w 12.9Kg 1550x250x60mm
    ECOSUN S+ 30 3000w 17.7Kg 1550x350x60mm
    ECOSUN S+ 36 3600w 17.7Kg 1550x350x60mm