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FLEXEL ECOSUN U+ Textured Far Infrared Heating Panel

Flexel's ECOSUN U+ is a versatile heating panel suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting. This infrared panel stands out by combining exceptional energy efficiency with superior heating comfort, surpassing traditional heating systems.

With a slimline and energy-efficient design, these heaters can be used either as a comprehensive heating system or as spot heaters for targeted areas. Their adaptability allows them to blend seamlessly into any environment, making them equally suitable for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications.

The U+ panels feature a unique paint finish, utilizing outer thermocrystal surface based on quartz crystals. This slightly textured finish significantly enhances the surface area, resulting in a 2.5 times greater heat emission capacity compared to smooth surfaces. The outcome is a highly efficient and low-maintenance heating solution.

In a standard white color finish, the U+ panels offer installation flexibility, making them suitable for both new projects and refurbishments.

What is the easiest way to install ECOSUN U+?

The ECOSUN U+ is designed specifically for easy installation into suspended grid ceilings. The 300w Panel directly replaces one 600 x 600mm ceiling tile, while the 600w Panel replaces two 600 x 600mm ceiling tiles.

Can the ECOSUN U+ be installed on a normal flat ceiling?

Yes, the ECOSUN U+ Panels are supplied with a mounting bracket for easy installation onto flat ceilings. 

Where would you typically install ECOSUN U+ Far Infrared Panels?

Typical applications are Offices, Shops, Trade Counters, Reception Areas and localised heating at work benches.

Features and Benefits.

  • Panels are maintenance free and easy to clean. 
  • Manufactured from galvanised steel with a semi-smooth powder finish.
  • The ECOSUN U+ has a built-in thermal cutout and can be easily controlled using our range of air sensing thermostats.
  • Fully insulated rear panel to optimise performance and minimise heat loss.

Lead times:

Normally shipped within 1 working day, but as always, if there are any issues we'll keep you up to date. 


  • Mounting Height 2.5m min to 4.0m max
  • Ceiling mounting bracket included.
  • Can be suspended on chains.
  • Select from 300w (592x592x30mm) or a double 600w (1192x592x30mm) or a large 850w (1192x800x30mm) unit
  • Thermal Overload protection set at 130 degC
ECOSUN U+ Radiant Ceiling Panel
Part Code Wattage Dimensions
300w 592 x 592 x 30mm
600U+ 600w 1192 x 592 x 30mm
850U+ 850w 1192 x 800 x 30mm