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FLEXEL Mirror Demister Pads - IP44

The Flexel Mirror Demister Pads offer a straightforward and secure solution to prevent mirrors from steaming up in wet areas like bathrooms, shower rooms, and en suites.

These self-adhesive pads are easy to install and can be placed behind both existing and new mirrors.

To ensure energy efficiency, you can seamlessly integrate the pad into the lighting circuit, enabling it to switch on only when needed.

For larger mirrors, multiple pads can be used in conjunction.

It's important to note that mirrors with a conductive foil backing or metallic covering should be earthed to prevent any potential small capacitance effect. We supply grounding pads as standard for this purpose.

Care should be taken to avoid placing the demister pad too close to any holes or cut-outs in the mirror, as this could lead to cracking of the mirror.

By following these guidelines, you can enjoy clear, steam-free mirrors even in moisture-prone environments.

Technical Details:

  • IP44 rated
  • Output Rating: 200W/m²
  • Input Voltage: 230V, 50Hz
  • Class II Connection
  • CE Marked – complies with all relevant standards
  • 1m mains connection lead
  • Includes Grounding Pad with 2m Cable

Lead times:

Ultrawarm Cable Mats are normally shipped within 1 working day, but as always, if there are any issues we'll keep you up to date. 


MHP3-290 16w 290mm 300mm
MHP3-490 27w 490mm 300mm
MHP3-730 40w 730mm 300mm
MHP3-970 54w 970mm 300mm
MHP3-1250 69w 1250mm 300mm
MHP3-1490 83w 1490mm 300mm
MHP5-290 27w 290mm 500mm
MHP5-490 46w 490mm 500mm
MHP5-730 69w 730mm 500mm
MHP5-970 92w 970mm 500mm
MHP5-1250 119w 1250mm 500mm
MHP5-1490 142w 1490mm 500mm
MHP7-290 38w 290mm 700mm
MHP7-490 65w 490mm 700mm
MHP7-730 98w 730mm 700mm
MHP7-970 131w 970mm 700mm
MHP7-1250 169w 1250mm 700mm
MHP7-1490 201w 1490mm 700mm