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Shipping cost £10.... FREE on orders over £200


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Heatpol Thermostatic WiFi Heating Element - Horizontal - H+H - Designed for Column Radiators

The Heatpol H+H Thermostatic WiFi Element is IPX4 rated.

This new range of WiFi elements are fully controllable via a downloadable app to enable you to program them as you wish.

With a choice of 7 power ratings, the Heatpol H+H is suitable for rooms of various sizes up to around 16 sqm depending on how well the room is insulated.

The Heatpol Horizontal H+H WiFi is designed for Column Radiators.

Make your choice from the H+H150w, H+H300w, H+H600w, H+H900w, H+H1200w, H+H1500w, H+H2000w

There is also a choice of coloured finishes to consider.

White, Chrome, Satin Chrome, Anthracite, Steel or Satin Gold, Textured Light Grey, Textured Dark Grey or Matt Black

What Length are the H+H Elements?

  • H+H150w = L 300mm with 1/2" Connecting Flange
  • H+H300w = L 340mm with 1/2" Connecting Flange
  • H+H600w = L 390mm with 1/2" Connecting Flange
  • H+H900w = L 440mm with 1/2" Connecting Flange
  • H+H1200w = L 470mm with 1/2" Connecting Flange
  • H+H1500w = L 520mm with 3/4" Connecting Flange
  • H+H2000w = L 570mm with 3/4" Connecting Flange

Lead times...

Our standard White, Chrome, Anthracite and Matt Black versions are shipped within 1 working day.

There is normally a 2 to 3 week lead time on the Satin Chrome, Steel, Satin Gold, Textured Light Grey, Textured Dark Grey versions, but as always, we'll keep you up to date.


General characteristics of heating elements:

  • Working environment: water
  • Operating temperature: adjustable within 0–65 °C.
  • Supply voltage: 230 V
  • Electrical connection: "UNISCHUKO" plug cable.
  • Fastening method:
    • 1/2" thread for 150w 300w, 600w, 900w, 1200w and 
    • 3/4" thread for the 1500w and 2000w