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Interlinked Carbon Monoxide Alarm 240v Mains 9v Battery Back Up SMAC-3 Red Arrow

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A 240v mains powered, inter-connectable Carbon Monoxide alarm with 9v battery back-up.

For use in rooms containing fuel burning appliances. For example, Gas Boilers, Stoves, Cookers, Log Burners etc.

Model: SMAC-3
Voltage: 220-240V 50Hz

Battery Back-up:
9V Alkaline battery PP3

(Gold peak 1604A, Duracell MN1604, Energizer 522, IEC 6LR61, IEC6LF22)

Battery Back-up Life Expectancy:
In the event of a break in the mains supply the battery
will give detector operation for one year.

Operation Current: <35mA operation (in alarm)

Type of Gas sensed: Carbon Monoxide

Sensor Life: Ten years

Guarantee: Five years

Alarm Reponse Time:  50 PPM (Between 60 to 90 min) 100 PPM (Between
10 to 40 minutes) 300 PPM (Less than 3 minutes)

Operation Temp: -10 degC to 40degC

Ambient Humidity: 10% to 90%

Horn Level: 85 Decibels at 1m

Facility: 40 Detectors over 150 metres maximum

Additional information:

Certified to BS EN 50291-2010+A1:2012 & KM 651575
BSI Kitemarked Product – Certificate No. KM 651575
BSI Kitemark is an independent mark of quality and safety issued by the British Standards Institution, confirming a product has been thoroughly tested, checked and complies with the appropriate standard(s)