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Mini Floodlight / Spotlight - Fumagalli MiniTommy LED Spot for Indoor and Outdoor use.

MiniTommy LED Floodlight / Spotlight, features...

Fumagalli has combined chic style with robust design to bring you a high quality floodlight / spotlight for both indoor and outdoor use. The Minitommy spotlight comes with a waterproof (IP66) rating for added protection against the elements.

Minitommy Options

The fully adjustable blackbodied Minitommy houses a powerful 4.5w GU10 LED Lamp. There are options aplenty. Choose from Standard Ring or Eyelid fitting, single or twin-spot with or without ground spike and prewired 2m flex.

Fumagalli lead times...

There is normally a 3 to 4 day lead time on this item, with an extra 2 days for the pre-wired fittings, but as always, we'll keep you up to date.

Fitting is supplied with a 4.5 GU10 LED... White 4000k.

Backed by Fumatech. Fumatech is the exclusive technology of Fumagalli.

All products are made with a maintenance-free and shockproof resin material that protects against rust and corrosion and is supported by a lifetime guarantee.

They’re also protected against UV rays and fertiliser agents, so will stand the rigours of all weather conditions and climates.


Technical Data... Minitommy LED Floodlight / Spotlight Fitting

Lumens - 300

Protection Rating... IP66

Power Consumption... 4.5 W

Input Power... 110-240V

Size (mm)... 127 x 122 x 118

Average Life in Hrs... 25000 

Kelvin... White 4000k 

Colour... Black Body with White GU10 LED Lamp 

Warranty... 5 Year

Certifications... CERoHs