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Red Arrow Athena Multi-Positional LED Emergency Exit Sign, IP20, 2W, LiFeP04

The Red Arrow Athena Multi-Positional LED Emergency Blade Exit Sign (ANA) is an incredibly versatile and durable exit sign that can be mounted in 5 different ways. It is also available in a self-test version and can be configured for maintained or non-maintained operation.

Its versatility, reliability, and energy efficiency make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Whether you need it for surface ceiling, wall, wire suspension, recessed, or flag mounting, this adaptable sign can accommodate your requirements.

Product Code Description Wattage Lumen Output
ANA/30 Athena EM Multi Exit Sign 3Hr 30m c/w Up Legend


20 lm
ANA/30/ST Athena EM Multi Exit Sign 3Hr 30m Self Test and Up Legend 2W 20 lm
ANA/ELD Athena Exit Legends - Down Arrow and Blank


ANA/ELU Athena Exit Legends - Up Arrow and Blank - -
ANA/ELLR Athena Exit Legends - Left and Right Arrow - -
ANA/SK Athena Wire Suspension Mounting Kit - -
ANA/RK Athena Recessing Bezel Kit - -
ANA/WFK Athena Wall Flag Mounting Kit - -


Key Features:

  • Multi-Positional Mounting: Adapt the exit sign to your space and preferences by installing it in various ways, including wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, suspended, flag-mounted, or recessed.
  • Maintained or Non-Maintained Operation: Choose the operating mode that best complies with your safety regulations. Opt for maintained operation for continuous illumination or non-maintained operation for emergency use, tailoring the sign to your specific requirements.
  • Self-Test Version Available: Keep track of the exit sign's functionality effortlessly with the self-test option, ensuring it remains ready for emergencies. This proactive maintenance approach contributes to a safer environment.
  • Latest LiFeP04 Battery Technology:Benefit from advanced LiFeP04 battery technology, guaranteeing a prolonged and reliable power backup during emergencies. This ensures the exit sign remains operational, providing a clear path to safety even during power outages.
  • Durable Polycarbonate Construction:Constructed with durable polycarbonate materials, the exit sign is resilient in demanding environments and harsh conditions. This robust build enhances the sign's longevity and functionality in challenging circumstances.
  • Clear Green and White Legend:Enhance visibility and recognition, especially in low-light situations, with the clear green and white legend design. This feature is crucial for guiding individuals to safety with clarity and precision during emergencies.
  • Energy-Efficient LED Illumination: The implementation of energy-efficient LED illumination not only ensures ample lighting for clear visibility but also contributes to energy conservation. This aligns with contemporary sustainability efforts, making the exit sign an environmentally friendly choice without compromising on performance.

Ideal Application:

  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants and Hospitality
  • Educational Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics and Medical Centers
  • Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities
  • Factories and Manufacturing Plants
  • Laboratories and Research Facilities
  • Construction Sites
  • Transportation Hubs
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Museums and Art Galleries


  • Material: Polycarbonate (Legend - Acrylic)
  • Colour Temperature: 6500K
  • Colour Finish: Green & White
  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI): Ra>80
  • LED Lifetime: L70B50 36,000 Hours
  • Power Factor: 0.5
  • Emergency Battery Type: LiFePO4
  • Ingress Protection (IP) Rating: IP20
  • Operating Temperature: 0 Celsius to +45 Celsius
  • Electrical Classification: Class II
  • Warranty: 5 Years (Batteries 2 years)

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