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Red Arrow SABRE PRO High Performance LED Batten, Osram driver, 130 lm/W, IP20, IK06

The Red Arrow Sabre PRO High Performance Batten (SBP) is engineered for unparalleled efficiency, this remarkable batten delivers an impressive 130 lumens per watt, ensuring you consume less energy while casting vibrant illumination across your environment.

Powered by high-quality Osram drivers, renowned for their reliability and extended lifespan, the Red Arrow Sabre PRO High Performance Batten (SBP) consistently delivers unwavering performance, ensuring your business operations remain uninterrupted.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to select from various available options to meet your requirements.

Product Code Description Wattage  Lumen Output
SBP41-40 Sabre PRO 1200mm Single 20W 2600 lm
SBP41E-40 Sabre PRO 1200mm Single with 3Hr Emergency 20W 2600 lm
SBP42-40 Sabre PRO 1200mm Twin 40W 5200 lm
SBP42E-40 Sabre PRO 1200mm Twin with 3Hr Emergency 40W 5200 lm
SBP51-40 Sabre PRO 1500mm Single 37W 5200 lm
SBP51E-40 Sabre PRO 1500mm Single with 3Hr Emergency 37W 5200 lm
SBP52-40 Sabre PRO 1500mm Twin 55W 7150 lm
SBP52E-40 Sabre PRO 1500mm Twin with 3Hr Emergency 55W 7150 lm
SBP61-40 Sabre PRO 1800mm Single 50W 6500 lm
SBP61E-40 Sabre PRO 1800mm Single with 3Hr Emergency 5 50W 6500 lm
SBP62-40 Sabre PRO 1800mm Twin 75W 9750 lm
SBP62E-40 Sabre PRO 1800mm Twin with 3Hr Emergency 75W 9750 lm


Key Features:

  • Unparalleled Energy Efficiency: Achieve exceptional illumination while consuming less energy with an impressive 130 lumens per watt efficacy. This translates to reduced energy costs and a lower carbon footprint for your business.
  • Enduring Durability: The Sabre PRO is built to withstand the rigours of demanding commercial and industrial environments.
  • Effortless Installation:This ensures a quick and seamless setup, minimising disruption to your business operations.
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance: This feature minimises downtime and simplifies cleaning, keeping your lighting system operating at peak performance.
  • Enhanced Safety and Convenience: The emergency lighting option provides illumination during power outages, while the microwave sensor version activates the batten upon motion detection, enhancing security and energy efficiency.


  • Material: Body: Steel
  • Diffuser: Polycarbonate
  • Colour Temperature: 4000K
  • Colour Finish: White RAL9016
  • CRI: Ra>80
  • LED Lifetime: L70B50 50,000 Hrs
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • IK Rating: IK06
  • Working Temperature: -20 Celsius to 45 Celsius
  • Emergency Working Temperature: 0 Celsius to 45 Celsius
  • Power Factor: > 0.9
  • Emergency Battery Type: LiFePO4
  • Electrical Class: Class I
  • Guarantee: 7 Years

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