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Red Arrow Peak Mini Wallpack LED Luminaire - 45 Degree Angle, IP65, IK08, LifeP04

Experience contemporary design and exceptional performance with the Red Arrow PEAK Mini Wallpack LED Light (PK15), a compact and versatile solution for illuminating your outdoor environment.

Available in four options which cater to your specific needs. 

Product Code Description
PK15E-CCT Peak c/w 3Hr Emergency
PK15PC-CCT Peak - Photocell Sensor
PK15EPC-CCT Peak c/w 3Hr Emergency - Photocell Sensor


Key Features:

  • Sleek and Compact Design: Enhance the aesthetics of your building exterior with the Peak's modern and discreet design.
  • Angled Body for Optimized Lighting: The 45 degree angled body directs light downwards, minimizing intrusive light spill and maximizing illumination where needed.
  • Tamper-Resistant Diffuser: Ensure lasting performance and security with the tamper-resistant diffuser screws.
  • High-Output LED Technology: Experience superior brightness with 1500 lumens of output, ideal for illuminating walkways, building perimeters, and other outdoor areas.
  • Selectable Color Temperature: Choose between warm white (3000K) or cool white (4000K) colour temperatures to create the desired ambience for your outdoor space.
  • IP65 and IK08 Rated: Withstand the harshest weather conditions with robust IP65-rated dust and water ingress protection and IK08-rated impact resistance.
  • Standard or with Photocell: Choose between the standard version or the option with an integrated photocell for dusk-to-dawn operation and energy savings.
  • Emergency Backup Option: Enhance safety with the emergency backup option, providing 3 hours of illumination during power outages.

Ideal Application:

  • Building Perimeters: Illuminate building walls and entrances for enhanced security and visual appeal.
  • Walkways and Patios: Create a safe and welcoming environment for pedestrians and guests with bright and reliable lighting.
  • Public Spaces: Enhance the safety and atmosphere of parks, gardens, and other outdoor public areas.


  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Colour Temperature: 3000/4000K Selectable
  • Colour Finish: Black
  • CRI: Ra>80
  • LED Lifetime: L80B50 30,000 Hrs
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • IK Rating: IK08
  • Working Temperature: -10 Celsius to 40 Celsius (EM 5 Celsius to 40 Celsius)
  • Power Factor Standard: 0.7
  • Emergency: 0.95
  • Emergency Battery Type: LifeP04
  • Electrical Class: Standard: Class II
  • Emergency: Class I
  • Warranty: 3 Years (Emergency Batteries 2 Years)

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