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Red Arrow POLO COMBI LED Bulkhead 13w IP65 (PCB13-CCT) Multi-Use Bulkhead

Red Arrow's Polo Combi Multi-Use IP65 Slim Bulkhead (PCB13-CCT) is an innovation that redefines lighting versatility and performance. This slim bulkhead is designed to offer exceptional features that meet a variety of needs.

The POLO COMBI stands out with its 36 configurable options, allowing you to tailor your lighting experience. Choose from different wattage settings to achieve your desired light output. The multi-CCT feature offers flexibility in LED color selection – warm white, cool white, or daylight.


  • Configurable in 36 different ways
  • Multi - Wattage - Choose the light output from 8w, 9w, 12w or 13w
  • Multi - CCT - Choose warm white, cool white or daylight LED colour
  • Multi - Trim - Curved bezel, eyelid trim or use without trim.
  • IP65 and UV stable - perfect for both outdoor and indoor use
  • BESA and conduit entries
  • Optional microwave sensor and emergency options

With a range of trim options, including curved bezel, eyelid trim, or trimless design, you can match the bulkhead to your aesthetic preferences. Beyond style, this bulkhead is built to last with its IP65 rating and UV stability, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. BESA and conduit entries provide installation flexibility, while optional microwave sensor and emergency features add further practicality.

Explore a new level of lighting with the POLO COMBI MULTI-USE IP65 SLIM BULKHEAD – an embodiment of versatility and durability, delivering a lighting solution that adapts to your unique requirements.

There is normally a 1 to 2 working day lead time on these fittings, but as always, we'll keep you up to date.


  • Body Material: ABS (EM Polycarbonate)
  • Diffuser Material: Polycarbonate
  • Coloured Finish: White RAL9016, Eyelid Black RAL9005
  • Lumen Output at 4000k: 8w (875lm), 9w (1025lm), 12w (1300lm), 13w (1395lm)
  • Colour Temp Choice: 3000k, 4000k or 6500k selectable
  • CRI: Ra>80
  • LED Lifetime: L70B50: 54,000 Hrs
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • IK Rating: IK08
  • Working Temperature: -20 degC to 40 degC (Emergency Versions: 5 degC to 40 degC)
  • Efficacy: 107lm/w
  • Input Voltage: 230v
  • Emergency Battery Type: LiFeP04
  • Guarantee: 5 Years (Emergency Battery 2 Year)