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Red Arrow POLO X LED Bulkhead IP65 (POLX13) Slimline Fitting 13W White Base

Red Arrow's POLO X slimline LED fittings (POLX13) are an upgraded version of the popular POLO range designed for versatile applications in both residential and commercial environments.

With its improved features, POLO X offers enhanced performance and adaptability.

The 13W Round Polo fittings come with a boosted IP65 rating and UV stabilized construction, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This translates to reliable and durable lighting solutions that cater to a variety of needs.


• Stylish, sleek bulkhead
• UV stabilised - suitable for outdoor applications
• Excellent IP65 rating
• Aesthetically pleasing halo effect on mounting surface
• Emergency & microwave options

For added functionality, choose from options such as the Microwave Sensor and Dimming Corridor Function.

Safety is a priority with the 3hr Emergency Option, while the Empty Body Bulkhead allows customization to fit your requirements.

Confidence comes in the form of high-quality LED fittings backed by a dependable 5 Year Guarantee and 2 Year On-Site Replacement Warranty. (Emergency Battery carries a 1-year guarantee).

Experience lighting that merges practicality and assurance with the Red Arrow POLO X LED Bulkhead IP65 Slimline Fitting.

There is normally a 1 to 2 working day lead time on these fittings, but as always, we'll keep you up to date.

Technical Details:





LxWxD mm

POLX13 (Replaces old POL14LED) 1300lm 314 x 81mm
POLX13E (Replaces old POL14LEDE) 1300lm / 145 in Em 314 x 81mm
POLX13/MS (Replaces old POL14LEDMS) 1300lm 314 x 81mm
POLX13/MSCF Replaces old POL14LEDMSCF) 1300lm 314 x 81mm
POLX13E/MS (Replaces old POL14LEDEMS) 1300lm / 145 in Em 314 x 81mm
POLX13E/MSCF (Replaces old POL14LEDEMSCF) 1300lm / 145 in Em 314 x 81mm
POLX/B Empty Body (Replaces old POLB) 314 x 81mm


    E = Emergency Version 3hr

    MS = Microwave Sensor (Motion Sensor)

    CF = Corridor Function (Auto Dimming to save energy)


    • Body Material: Polycarbonate
    • Diffuser Material: Polycarbonate
    • Coloured Finish: White Trim Finish as standard (Optional Chrome Trim)
    • Lumen Output: 1300lm (145lm on Emergency Versions)
    • Colour Temp: 4000k
    • CRI: Ra>80
    • LED Lifetime: L80B50: 30,000 Hrs
    • IP Rating: IP65
    • IK Rating: IK08
    • Working Temperature: -20 degC to 40 degC (Emergenc Versions: 0 degC to 40 degC)
    • Efficacy: 100lm/w
    • Input Voltage: 230v
    • Emergency Battery Type: NiCd
    • Guarantee: 5 Years (Emergency Battery 1 Year)