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Red Arrow STELLAR 3CCT LED Fire Rated Downlight - 6w - Low Profile - Choice of Bezel

The Red Arrow STELLAR 3CCT Fire Rated Downlight (SR/W) with ultra slim profile is ideal for narrow voids in both domestic and commercial applications.

Key Features:

3CCT Colour Selectable: These versatile 6w, 600 Lumen LED downlights offer a choice of colour temperature selected from a forward facing dip switch behind the bezel. Choose from 3000k, 4000k or 6000k without removing the fitting from the ceiling.

Fire-Rated Construction: Designed to meet EN1365-2:2014 and BS476-21:1987 standards for both standard timber joist and i-joist ceiling constructions.

Acoustic Rating: Complies with ISO10140-2:2010 for acoustic performance, minimizing sound transmission.

Safe for Thermal Insulation: Can be safely covered with thermal insulation, making it suitable for energy-efficient installations.

Interchangeable Bezels: Choose from a range of Round or Square bezel's in popular finishes (white, chrome, satin chrome, black or polished brass) to complement your décor.

Tool-Free Installation: Utilize the tool-free plug and socket connection for quick and effortless fitting.

These great quality LED fittings are supported by a 5 year guarantee.

There is normally a 1 to 2 working day lead time on these fittings, but as always, we'll keep you up to date.

Technical Details:

 Model Description






LxWxD mm

Stellar with White Bezel as Standard 6w 600lm 86 x 31mm
Choice of Round or Square Coloured Bezel

    Typical Applications:

    • Living Room and Bedroom Lighting: Cozy with warm whites or vibrant with cool whites, adjustable for any activity.
    • Kitchens and Bathroom Lighting: Bright cool whites for task lighting, warm whites for dining ambience, and adjustable levels for various tasks.
    • Home Office Lighting: Enhanced productivity with bright cool whites, relaxed brainstorming with warm whites, and adjustable levels for work needs.
    • Hallways and Corridor Lighting: Safe and inviting with warm whites, adjustable for activity.
    • Home Theater Lighting: Cinematic with dimmable lighting and temperature adjustments, immersive with lighting effects.
    • Outdoor Spaces: Evening gatherings with warm whites, safe and functional for outdoor activities, adjustable for different needs.
    • Commercial Spaces: Inviting and functional lighting in retail, restaurants, offices, and other settings, adjustable for different areas and activities.


    • Material: Steel Housing with polycarbonate Bezel
    • Lumen Output: 600lm
    • Colour Temp: 3CCT Selectable 3000k, 4000k or 6000k
    • 5 Year Guarantee
    • LED Lifetime: L70B50 - 50,000hrs
    • Working Temperature: -20 degC to 40 degC
    • Power Factor 0.9
    • 40 deg Beam Angle
    • CRI: Ra>80
    • IP65 Rating (from below ceiling)
    • Choice of White, Chrome, Satin Chrome, Black or Polished Brass Bezel Finish
    • Input Voltage: 230v

    Additional Information:

    • 65mm Cutout
    • 100lm/W
    • Fire Rated to EN1365-2-2014 / BS476-21:1987 for standard timber and i-joist construction.
    • Acoustic rating ISO 10140-2:2010
    • May be covered with thermal insulation.
    • 6w Dimmable
    • Tool free plug and socket connection

    Compatible Dimmers:

    Varilight V-PRO JQP401W
    Varilight V-COM MKP400
    MK KI523LV
    BG DM400AP

    Leadtime - When will you receive your order?

    We dropship these products straight from our distributor's warehouse to help get them to you as quickly as possible at the best price. UK Mainland Express Delivery is generally 1 to 2 working days from the time we receive your order.

    The STELLAR replaces the following part codes:

    • FRDLF8WD-30
    • FRDLF8WD-50
    • FRDLR8WD-30
    • FRDLR8WD-50