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Fire Panels, Sockets and Light Bulb Moments...

It was comments from a rather angry site agent, which led to a bit of a Light Bulb MomentLight BulbLight Bulb Moment moment.

I am regularly on building sites commissioning various Fire Alarm Systems. On this occasion, it was an Addressable System which requires the use of a laptop for programming.

CTEC XFP Fire Panel Installation

The Fire Control Panel was in the entrance lobby, a good 5 metres away from the nearest Electrical Socket.

Trotting back from the car with laptop and a 240v extension cable in hand, I could hear a rather breathless chap running behind me... “Haw Big Man, where ur yeh gaun whae that”... which roughly translates to “Excuse me, where are you going with that 240v extension cable”

As with all building sites, the use of 240v equipment is generally forbidden during construction. But in my defence, this was a building site that was almost complete ready for handover.

To cut a long story short, the Light Bulb MomentLight BulbLight Bulb Moment moment came a few weeks later while on another site where more by luck than design, there was a socket directly under the Fire Control Panel. So no need for the extension cable or confab with said angry site agent.

Light Bulb Moment If you are in the Electrical Design business, please consider adding a wee socket adjacent the Fire Panel to help make the world a more peaceful place.

Fire Panel - Socket - Light Bulb Moment


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