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Do I Need a Fire Alarm?

Do I Need A Fire Alarm?

It would be fair to say that Fire Detection and Alarm Systems are recognised as our core product range.

“Do I really need a Fire Alarm?” is the question I am often asked when speaking to non-domestic property owners.  As an engineer my response is to take my sales hat off and get the customer thinking about the consequences of not having a fire alarm system.


Fire and Safety in general are pretty dark subjects. It’s difficult to dress them up as happy and fun chat.

Fire alarm systems serve two main purposes:

  1. Life Protection
  2. Property Protection

The earlier a fire can be detected the more chance you will have of warning the occupants, evacuating the premises, saving lives and protecting the property.

People will generally approach the subject of fire with the view “it’ll never happen to me”. But whilst donning my black cloak, I encourage business and property owners to think “What if it does”.

Although there are many things you can do to reduce the risk of fire, it is true to say that you can't prevent all fires. Once a fire starts the heat generated can cause it to spread and if smoke spreads through the building before a warning is given, evacuation can become impossible.


Some typical applications where I would say “Yes you do need a fire alarm” would be if...

  • You have a kitchen facility in the building. (restaurants, bars, offices, hotels etc)
  • Your property stretches over several floors.
  • You property only has one means of escape. (I see these often in Glasgow and Edinburgh in the shape of the traditional tenement style buildings, they terrify me)
  • You have a plant room or boiler room on site.
  • Your property has sleeping accommodation.

If your property fits any of the above, please get in touch so we can have a chat about potential solutions.


One of the key elements of fire safety is a common sense approach:

  1. Don’t ignore the hazards
  2. Address the risks
  3. Educate your staff
  4. Plan your escape
  5. Most of all get advice, speak to the specialists 

The fire authorities have pretty much passed the responsibility of fire safety back to the landlord or property owner.  Don’t be left in the dark.



My aim with this and future blogs on the fire and safety subject is to help raise awareness and educate, while hopefully keeping a serious subject fairly lighthearted. If you have any questions please take time to give me a call or drop me an email.








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